“There cannot be an India for the rich, and another India for the rest. Unity between extremes is inherently fragile, and even if it were to hold, would be unacceptable to any organization with a social conscience.”

~ A. M. Naik, Group Executive Chairman

Sustainability In Action

  • Employee Engagement

    Employee Engagement

    Our HR policies and practices are designed to enable employees to realise their full potential. The underlying objective is to provide individuals the platform to perform at peak...

  • Environmental Performance

    Environmental Performance

    At L&T we do not see industry and the environment in adversarial positions. There are inherent challenges that need to be addressed, but we believe that a holistic approach and...

  • Corporate Governance

    Corporate Governance

    Steadfast commitment from the top management strengthens the precept and practice of sustainability at L&T. We embrace a top-down approach to optimise our efforts across all...


Updates from CSR

  • Mentoring at L&T

    14 April 2016
    Mentoring at L&T

    L&T partners with the NGO Mentor Me India to help employees find opportunities for mentoring kids in the communities. L&T Mentors connect with...

  • Single Teacher School “A Second School”

    11 January 2016
    Single Teacher School “A Second School”

    It is 5 ‘O’ clock in the evening and twilight spreads over Maduramanagalam –a rural village in the Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu. You follow the...

  • Sustainability that wins!

    13 October 2015
    Sustainability that wins!

    L&T has been featured among Asia’s Top 5 ‘Most Sustainable Companies’ in the Industrials Sector in Channel NewsAsia’s Sustainability Rankings 2015.

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Product Stewardship

Innovation and new product development is the spring board to new process and product features. We invest substantially in R&D to develop new technologies that will enable us to stay ahead of the...

Product Stewardship

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