L&T’s interventions in the area of education augment school infrastructure, provide schools with teaching aids, train teachers and organise after-school classes. L&T supports the functioning of many schools in the vicinity of its facilities across the country.

L&T provides critical infrastructure in schools such as furniture, sets up laboratories and libraries and equips them, refurbishes classrooms and playgrounds, and builds toilet blocks in rural schools. 

Education enrichment programmes in collaboration with NGO partners introduce innovative learning methodologies in schools. They help students learn challenging subjects like Mathematics, Science and English. They also help train teachers, organize summer camps, field trips and sports activities to bring about the holistic development of children. 

Mobile toy libraries called The Nanha Munna Express, make learning fun for young children. These vans introduce the children to educational toys that help develop their motor, cognitive and social skills. 

Community Learning Centres are run in partnership with NGOs in low-income communities that provide after-school support to children to help them cope with their school curriculum. This increases their chances of finishing school.

These centres identify and train women from underprivileged communities and build their capacity to teach basic maths and language to these children at their existing level of ability.

Pre-schools or balwadis are run in low-income group communities, laying a strong foundation of education. These pre-schools prepare young children for schooling, and facilitate enrolment in neighbourhood schools.

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