Focus Area

Focus Area

Social infrastructure is indispensable for progress; L&T, as India’s leading builder of major infrastructure projects, is equally committed to developing projects that will contribute to the quality of life. This includes schools, hospitals, skill training institutes, water supply & distribution and sanitation facilities.

Building India’s Social Infrastructure – Our Goals & Activities

Focusing on the many challenges around project implementation, we propose to work towards the following outcomes from our Social Infrastructure programmes, based on need assessment and feasibility.

  • Water & sanitation (availability of safe drinking water and proper sanitation facilities) and electrification of villages (off-grid renewables)
  • Education - Improved access to education (increased enrollment in pre-school, children attending neighborhood schools) and improving quality of learning (better school infrastructure, better teaching-learning process)
  • Health - Improved access to quality health care (expanding infrastructure of health centres, increased number of people accessing quality health care)
  • Skill building - Enhancing employability of youth (enhancing training capacity, improved infrastructure of skill development centres)

The following activities are proposed over the coming months to achieve the above goals:

Water & Sanitation

  • Provide integrated water management solutions which will include (building check dams, Rain Water Harvesting, making drinking water available close to village centre etc.)
  • Create awareness on good health and hygiene practices in schools, villages etc.
  • Providing toilet blocks in schools, communities and homes
  • Providing decentralized renewable energy solutions for communities


  • Repair / build Balwadi & Aanganwadi schools, classrooms, libraries, science laboratories, playgrounds, boundary walls etc.
  • Repair / build roads, provide transportation for children to reach school / Balwadi / Aanganwadi safely
  • Provide e-learning, digital facilities in schools
  • Create access and provide training to integrate the differently-abled children by ensuring building of disable friendly infrastructure


  • Build health centres with essential facilities
  • Set up mobile clinics to provide healthcare at the doorstep
  • Equip the health centre / mobile medical unit / dialysis centre  with quality personnel, facilities and equipment
  • Awareness building camps with access to free screening
  • Enhance health services for adolescents
  • Strengthen primary health centres and equip them for pre & post natal care

Skill building

  • Expand skill development centres and provide support to youth and school drop-outs through other programs
  • Create credible certification and assessment system with industry participation
  • Develop qualified and experienced trainers
  • Set up vocational training institutes for women in smaller cities to enhance employable skills like nursing, sewing/weaving, beautician, pre-school teacher, food processing, childcare etc.
  • Support skills training for the differently-abled
  • Provide skills training in tool & die, painting, computer/ IT, automobile etc.
  • Build market connectivity

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