Sustainability Updates

Short takes on happenings around our campuses and new initiatives in Sustainability and CSR.

L&T Power’s CSR Initiative Wins Project of the Year Award

31 January 2017

At a key L&T Power project site an award winning CSR programme is helping build skills and change lives. Providing training in 3 major areas - masonry, bar-bending and formwork - the Construction Skills Training Centre, established in Village Saathmohini, Dist. Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh, is helping the local population get access to world class, certified construction skill training facilities which qualify them for employment.


Mentoring at L&T

14 April 2016

L&T partners with the NGO Mentor Me India to help employees find opportunities for mentoring kids in the communities. L&T Mentors connect with underprivileged children as positive role models and help them find motivation. Here’s what L&T-ites have to say about Mentoring…


Single Teacher School “A Second School”

11 January 2016

It is 5 ‘O’ clock in the evening and twilight spreads over Maduramanagalam –a rural village in the Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu. You follow the beautiful voice reciting in union and they lead you to the Single Teacher School (STS) centre running in that village.


Sustainability that wins!

13 October 2015

L&T has been featured among Asia’s Top 5 ‘Most Sustainable Companies’ in the Industrials Sector in Channel NewsAsia’s Sustainability Rankings 2015.


Integrated Community Development Project for rural communities in Maharashtra

15 September 2015

Through our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives we have constantly reinforced our vision of Building India’s Social Infrastructure. With the launch of a community based integrated project in Pathardi Tehsil of Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra, L&T is partnering with vulnerable communities to address key themes of water and sanitation, education, health and skill building that are critical for development.


L&Teers – at the heart of L&T

31 March 2015

What does one do when faced with issues of abject poverty or social deprivation? If you are an L&Teer you address the issues by working closely with those affected.


The Sun Glows, Water Flows

05 November 2014

Farmers around the country now have a choice when it comes to operating their pump sets. They can continue to use diesel… or they can turn to something much cheaper, greener - the sun.


Power to the People

04 November 2014

‘Power to the People’ is the theme line of L&T’s CSR initiatives at the 2x700 MW power plant in Rajpura, Punjab. Based on supercritical technology, it is one of the most eco-friendly and efficient coal-based thermal plants in India. The megawatts generated are supplied to the state of Punjab, helping industry and lighting up the lives of people.


A 159-Year Old Banyan is Re-born

05 October 2014

Restoring monuments, rebuilding structures and refurbishing plant and equipment are all part of the day’s work at L&T. But the request that our team in Chennai received one morning was out of the ordinary - we were asked if we could give a new lease of life to a fallen tree.


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