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Auto Power Management Systems (APMS) can be integrated with the main switchboard or if required can be provided separately with standalone console.

GPU/PPU/PPM based Power Management System along with HMI display and pre-loaded mimic pages as per project specific requirements, integrated with the main switchboard.

PLC/VME based Auto Power Management System with standalone consoles with hard wired connection for DG set critical sensors.

Various modes of operation of APMS rests with the controller:-

  • Auto Mode
    • No Operator Intervention
    • Standby Generator Selection
    • Auto Start/ Synchronization of Stby DG
    • Auto Load Shedding
    • Auto DG Offloading and Shutdown
  • Auto-Assisted
    • System Prompts for Operator Action for starting standby DG
    • Auto Synchronization of incoming DG
    • Auto Load Shedding
  • Manual Operation from Switchboard
  • Training Mode 

APMS has the following functionalities:-

  • Generator Protection
  • Synchronization of DG sets on the same section or across bus coupler
  • Remote DG Start / Stop
  • Load Dependent Start / Stop
  • Heavy Consumer Block Logic
  • Auto Load Shedding, Active & Reactive Load Sharing,
  • Low Load Shut Down, High Load Call Up,
  • Black Out Recovery,
  • Remote ON/OFF of switchboard feeders & EDC feeders with fault monitoring
  • Data Link to IPMS
  • Event Logging
  • Fault/Alarm History
  • Trending

The APMS offers DG set parameters monitoring and can be interfaced with the Integrated Platform Management System via serial port for seamless data transfer.

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