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The Automatic Data Acquisition System (ADAS) is the Naval version of an Alarm Monitoring System used for Retrofitment. ADAS can be used for Gas Turbine Monitoring System, Main Engine Monitoring System, etc. Automatic Data Acquisition System (ADAS) for M15E.1 Gas Turbine Aggregate (GTA) for 1241RE class of ships have been developed and commissioned on-board INS Vipul, as a maiden development project

To overcome the constraints of the operator panel for the M15.1 GTA and to reduce the work load involved in capturing parameters so that operators could carry out their tasks more diligently, the concept of ADAS was born as early as in 1999.

L&T also succeeded in enhancing the project scope by adding the capability for undertaking critical calculations as power, reduction gear torque loading, ‘Slip’, ‘Run Down Time’, exploitation hours calculations etc. We developed all the algorithms for undertaking these calculations.

The ADAS is a computerised system for on-line parameter monitoring and data logging and the system. The system has multiplexing, signal conditioning and data logging functions and fulfil the following attributes: -

  • Monitor the parameters on line.
  • Independent of the existing control system.
  • Take input from existing sensors as well as incorporate its own sensors.
  • Wholly microprocessor based with customized software.
  • Both the hardware and the software are upgradeable, ruggedised to operate within the harsh marine environment.
  • Has indicating & parameter trending facilities
  • The system ensures best possible noise immunity and EMI compliance
  • The system is modular in design to allow quick fault diagnosis and repairs.
  • The system provides adequate accuracy both for calibration and data analysis.
  • The system is user-friendly and provides easy-to-follow graphic user interfaces and commands.

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