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We harness globally benchmarked technology to provide an indigenous Tri-axial Degaussing System Solution to the Indian Navy. The solutions are available for Frigates, Air Defence Ships, Corvettes, Minesweepers, Destroyers, OPVs, Submarines, including retrofit solutions.

A ship is a huge magnet owing to its Permanent Magnetism (acquired during construction stage) and Induced Magnetism (due to cutting of earth's magnetic field underway).  Degaussing is a process to continuously demagnetize a warship of its induced magnetism at sea. If not degaussed, a warship is under threat from underwater mines, torpedoes and other magneto-sensitive ordnance, where the principle for detonation is distortion of local magnetic field.

Degaussing is effected by counter-magnetizing the ship in all the three directions. This is done by passing DC current of variable magnitude and polarity, through coils laid in three planes throughout the ship.

Power Amplifiers circulate DC current through the Degaussing Coils, which are placed at various locations on the ship. Location of degaussing coils is derived after careful calculations and electro-magnetic modelling.

Degaussing coils are placed in three directions to form tri-axial degaussing system. Automatic mode, semi-automatic mode, magnetometer and manual mode of operations are feasible. The degaussing system is interfaced with Gyro Compass and GPS. Remote control feature is also available through Remote Control Unit (RCU).

L&T has already indigenised a major part of the solution, which includes development, design, & manufacturing of the main Power Cubicle (that feeds the Degaussing Currents to the Degaussing Coils). Design has been tested and validated by Thales, France. The Degaussing Control Unit Hardware is already developed by L&T along with Integration of the system with ship sub-systems and communication network.

Our engineers are trained for Degaussing Coil Design along with handling STW, HAT, Ranging, SAT and System Maintenance. 

Solutions offered include:

  • On-board Degaussing System for surface ships as well as Submarines
  • Degaussing as well as Deperming range
  • Land based Deperming system
  • Acoustic range
  • Multi influence range
  • Deep water noise range
  • Retro fitment for Degaussing systems on-board

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