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We offer Main & Emergency Switchboards with PMS for commercial ships, conforming to Class requirements. The switchboard construction material is Sheet Steel.

Our highly customised designs cater to special needs of the customers, such as space constraints, Dynamic Positioning integration, and Plug-in / Draw-out modules for ease of maintenance and for high MTTR.

The switchboards come with inbuilt Power Management Modules, with full control and automation for DG sets and feeders:

  • DG Start/Stop,
  • Synchronization,
  • Active and Reactive Load Sharing,
  • Dead bus recovery,
  • Outgoing feeders control & monitoring etc.

The switchboards’ control and monitoring is provided through PLC based Power Management System in accordance with Naval requirements.

  • Largest Switchboard Delivered - 5000A rating with short circuit fault level of 95KA for the 690V Electric Propulsion.
  • Switchboards designed suitable for 690V / 440V / 380V / 230V voltage levels
  • Switchboards are designed as per IEC 60497 and EN 60497 standards.
  • Component mounting and switchboard structure is modelled in 3D software to reduce switchboard production time
  • Medium Voltage Switchboards:-
    • Type approved MV Panel up to 36 kV system voltage
    • Complete range from 630A to 4000A
    • Short time rating up to 40 kA for 3sec
    • Metal clad, fully compartmentalized panel
    • Internal Arc compliant as per IEC 62271-200
    • In-built comprehensive safety interlocks
    • Integrated with Hybrid as well as Electric propulsion system