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We offer Starters, Group Starter Panels and Distribution Boards for marine electricals.

Types of Starters – Direct On-Line Starters, Star-Delta Starters, AC/DC Soft Starters, Dual or Triple Speed Starters, Relay/PLC based control panel, Reversible DOL starters

Design features include Single/Double door construction with compact design, Enclosure – up to IP 56, Compartmentalization to suite class requirements, with bulkhead/deck mounting arrangement.

Remote Start/Stop functionality is available for control through remote push button Station.

L&T also provides PLC or relay based starters and controllers for equipment considered critical and complicated in nature. Temperature, pressure interlocks, remotely located solenoid operations etc. are programmed in the PLC and starter or controller operation is achieved. 

Group Starter Panels: groups of starters combined together - considering the role and location of their respective equipment - for centralized control and monitoring of motors/pumps.


  • Ease of Installation
  • Accessibility
  • Single point control
  • Greater Safety
  • Cost & Space Economy

Compartmentalization of starters facilitates modular design and aid in fault identification and rectification. Power Distribution Boards and Lighting Distribution Boards with MCCBs and/or MCBs arrangements are also offered.

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