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L&T has been associated with India's Space programme since 1975. On February 15, 2017, India became the only nation to launch 104 satellites in space at a single launch, and L&T had a critical role to play in this record breaking mission.

L&T's Aerospace business unit has been closely involved with this historic effort:
Launch: PSLV-C37 was rocketed into orbit using S139 Motor Casings (Middle segments) manufactured by L&T. Electronic packages are mounted on upper stage of PSLV-C37 and Heat Shield using honeycomb deck panels. These honeycomb deck panels are manufactured at L&T’s Advanced Composite facility at Vadodara.

Tracking: The spacecraft was tracked using a Deep Space Network Antenna at ISTRAC's tracking facility near Bengaluru. This 32m diameter DSN antenna was installed and commissioned by L&T. The Antenna Mount Structure and 13m-diameter Bull Gear (made for the first time in India) were also manufactured by L&T.

PSLV-C37 was tracked by C-Band precision mono-pulse tracking radar developed indigenously by L&T.


Our offerings in this area include rocket motor casings, convergent and divergent nozzles, titanium gas bottles for liquid stages, titanium tanks for liquid upper stages for launch vehicles; solar array deployment mechanisms for satellites.

We have developed & manufactured critical components & systems for several special Aerospace projects, including Hypersonic Wind Tunnel systems, Variable Mach Frequency Nozzles, Plate Stretchers, 32M Deep Space Network Antennas, etc. These projects required a high level of innovation, multi-domain capability, handling complex system architecture, Project Management, Risk management and the ability to develop cost-effective indigenous solutions.
Some of these projects have been realised for the first time in India and are amongst few such facilities in the world.

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