Dual Band Shipborne Tracking System

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The Dual Band Shipborne Tracking system is a high precision tracking system for Aerial Target tracking on board ships. This fully automatic system has dual-frequency dual-polarized S & Ka band antenna that detects the desired target flying in any direction in 3D space, gets locked-on to the target and keeps on tracking it as per the requirement. While pointing towards the flying target, a 4-axes stabilized gimbal with antenna pedestal automatically compensates for the disturbances caused by ship dynamics up till sea-state-5 using intelligent algorithms. In addition, the system also tracks the target using thermal imagers.

This system has been developed indigenously and involved multiple engineering disciplines like antenna, RF, digital processing, servo & control and mechanical systems. This system is one of its kind in the world which uses two widely separated frequency bands (S & Ka) for target tracking. The usage of very narrow beamwidth Ka-band system, for tracking high speed targets from shipborne platforms, is another unique feature of the system.