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Hydrocarbon Upstream

Hydrocarbon Upstream Business provides turnkey solutions to the upstream hydrocarbon sector, encompassing oil & gas exploration as well as production, processing and transportation facilities. It has in-house capabilities in engineering, project management, procurement, fabrication, installation, hook-up and commissioning.


L&T has successfully delivered EPIC services for many projects in the upstream hydrocarbon sector over the last two decades, in India, Middle East, Africa, South-East Asia and Australia to reputed international companies like ONGC, British Gas, Songas, Qatar Petroleum, GASCO, Petronas, Shell, MODEC, Technip, Maersk Oil and Bunduq. The Company has successfully completed mega projects dealing in production of platforms, process facilities, subsea pipelines, offshore & onshore pre-assembled modules and large topsides suitable for FPSOs and offshore.


Hydrocarbon Upstream business delivers services of a 1,500 strong professional group dedicated to Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication / Construction, Installation and Commissioning (EPIC) services for the upstream offshore E&P industry, through the Strategic Business units, subsidiary and  JV company.



Wide Ranging Capabilities:


Hydrocarbon Upstream has a network of overseas corporate offices, local alliances  and augmented execution capabilities.


Key initiatives include:


  • Modular fabrication facility at Kattupalli on the East Coast of India that offers logistical advantage to clients from South East Asia and Australia.
  • Modular Fabrication Yard at Oman for construction of mega size structures and integrated decks for MENA as well as other regions.
  • The fabrication capabilities at Hazira works in India which have been enhanced to deliver about 50,000 MT per annum.
  • Floating systems business units that address the demand for drilling rigs and floaters globally. Additionally with deepwater  and ultra deepwater developments fast becoming a reality, L&T’s specialized Sub-sea Systems unit offers expert solutions to clients.
  • Procurement teams in China and other low cost countries to achieve cost optimisation in material sourcing.
    Full fledged Business Development and Project Management offices in UAE that cater to business opportunities in GCC.


Major On-going Projects

Track Record

Capabilities & Integrated Services

Modular Fabrication & Installation


S&A Companies

  • L&T Valdel
  • L&T Sapura Crest
  • L&T MFY LLC, Oman
  • L&T Brazil


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Domestic Oil & Gas Projects
North Block-II, 4th Floor, Powai Campus,
Saki-Vihar Road, Mumbai 400 072
Dir. Tel : +91-22-6705 3657 / 1928  Fax : +91-22-6705 8099
e-mail: dkg@Lntenc.com 


Floating Systems
North Block-II, 6th Floor, ’A’ Wing, Powai Campus,
Saki-Vihar Road, Mumbai 400 072
Dir. Tel : +91 22 6705 3342  Fax : +91 22 6705 5110
e-mail: vmiya@Lntenc.com


International Oil & Gas Projects
(Middle East & North Africa)
Bldg 130, Al-Mansoor Tower, 18th Floor, Al-Salam Street,
P.O. Box No.54678, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Tel : +971-2-644 1900  Cell : +971-5044 2051 
Fax : +971-2644 3070  e-mail : rsr@Lntenc.com


International Oil & Gas Projects
(South East Asia, Australia & other Regions)
EPC Block, 2nd Floor, ’A’ Wing, Powai Campus,
Saki-Vihar Road, Mumbai 400 072
Dir. Tel : +91-22-6705 3673 / 1908  Mobile: +91 98207 48927
Fax : +91-22-6705 2725  e-mail : skm@Lntenc.com


L&T Valdel Engineering Limited
No. 19, Primrose Road, Off M. G. Road,
Shrutha Complex, Bangalore 560 025
Tel. : +91-80-4033 0000  Fax : +91 80 2558 5221
e-mail : sales@Lntvaldel.com  Website: www.Lntvaldel.com


L&T Sapura Offshore Private Limited
(Installation of Platforms & Pipelines)
Operations Office
EPC Block, 1st floor, ’A’ Wing, Powai Campus, Mumbai 400 072
Dir. Tel : +91-22-67051609  Fax : +91-22-67051246
e-mail : vak@Lntenc.com


Subsea Systems
EPC Block, 3rd Floor, ”B” Wing, Powai Campus,
Saki-Vihar Road, Mumbai 400 072
Tel. : +91 22 6705 1776  Fax : +91 22 6705 1988
e-mail : juju_mathew@Lntenc.com


Registered Office
L&T House, Ballard Estate, Mumbai 400 001. India
Website: www.Larsentoubro.com