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Integrated E&A Solutions for Solar Power
Solar energy is one of the most effective solutions to the challenge of saving diminishing natural resources. At Larsen & Toubro (L&T), we realize the tremendous potential of solar energy and are committed to harness this non-conventional resource to promote green energy for creating a low carbon future and accelerating economic growth.
Committed to promoting the 'green' energy sources, the Control & Automation (C&A) business unit of L&T strives to create and participate in new low carbon solutions by incubating technological shifts and developing new product solutions for Solar Thermal & Photovoltaic (PV) systems.
Solar Photovoltaic (PV) solutions
C&A provides comprehensive, fully integrated modular solutions for PV Power Generation. These are designed for optimizing project cost and maximising plant performance. The modular concept ensures cost effectiveness and facilitates ease of integration and installation that can be effortlessly replicated on any site.
The scope encompasses the entire project - plant design, engineering, supply, installation & commissioning services to plant maintenance, and includes all plant electrical, control and instrumentation systems, which comply with prevalent PV application standards.
The solution portfolio includes:
Solar Inverter G-Vertor range of central inverters is a vital link between the solar panels and the grid incorporating the multi-master technology for increased efficiency, reliability and functionality at large scale applications. The G-Vertor covers all the needs of the commercial, industrial and utility sectors. Our products have been designed with a perspective that they are easy to install, use and maintain.
String Monitoring Box

String Monitoring cum Combiner Box provides continual assessment of the solar electric system's robustness by keeping a tab on its performance and detecting problems at the individual string combiner box level.

Plant Monitoring and Control System (PMCS)
iVisionmax SOLARTM suite is a cost effective and efficient tool which continuously controls and monitors the plant, thereby resulting in lower downtime and enhanced improvement of the plant's overall profitability.
Solar Thermal Solutions
C&A provides complete power control & automation solutions for the Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Parabolic Trough.
Sun tracking System
Our scope ranges from precision tracking of the parabolic trough to optimum capturing of energy from the sun.
Heat transfer fluid control

Our comprehensive control system for heat transfer entails efficient monitoring and control of heat collected by the parabolic troughs to the water steam system.

The control system offers VFD based drives for the high power pumps, while the dedicated control system provides accurate control for the HTF filtration, closed loop control for HTF temperature, HTF storage and expansion.

Power Block

We provide comprehensive integrated C&I solutions for power generation including the station control DCS, turbine control system.

Station DCS

Scalable Controls for Thermal Power Plants of 20MW - 50MW unit size with high speed extendable remote I/O network.

Third party interface through OPC / Modbus / IEC protocol

Redundancy at various levels for maximum plant availability

Boiler & Turbine Integral Control

Modular Turbine Control System (TCS) and Turbine Protection System (TPS) with special cards for protection & safety and field input/output redundancy

Solar Power BOS for PV & Thermal
Field Instrumentation

Our scope includes Field instruments, Analyzers, SWAS, CEMS & VMS, Variable Frequency Drives & LT motors. Control valves, flow nozzles, orifice plates, Jbs, LIEs, LIRs, etc.

Power evacuation systems

We offer a complete range of low & medium-voltage switchgear and accessories. Our global and long term experience guarantees that our products offer maximum safety while ensuring minimal energy loss.

The energy efficient solar transformers, designed for reliable operation are available in both dry and oil cooled types.
Our solution includes complete cable & cable trays, earthing, lightning protection and plant illumination.
Service and Maintenance
We offer a comprehensive range of service and life-cycle support options spanning preventive maintenance, 24/7 support, remote monitoring and plant optimization.