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Management Trainees

L&T offers employees more than a job – it offers them a lifetime career with challenging opportunities for continuous development and growth in diverse fields of business. The company has a culture that fosters positive and healthy competition between individuals and provides opportunity to learn and grow with the organisation.
For management recruits, diverse opportunities are available in HR, Finance & Accounts and Marketing. The company recognises and builds leadership by giving its recruits focused attention in terms of growth opportunities, leadership development programmes, value compensation and challenging roles and assignments.
Roles in L&T
Roles in Corporate HR & Personnel
Corporate HR & Personnel offers a combination of design and execution functions. These involve developing policies, while working closely with the top management.
The company offers the following opportunities in Corporate HR & Personnel :
Generalist Corporate HR Role
New Initiatives 
Performance Management 
Recruitment & Selection 
Training & Development 
Roles in OD HR
L&T’s Divisional HR functions lay a strong emphasis on execution. The employees gain a good working knowledge of current systems while working with business managers and line people.
L&T’s Divisional HR offers opportunities in the following areas :
Training & Development 
Recruitment & Selection
Compensation & Benefits
Performance Management 
Roles in Mergers & Acquisitions
L&T Finance & Accounts offers three kinds of roles: Mergers & Acquisitions, Treasury and Risk Management. Employees can be placed in Corporate Finance & Accounts or any OD Finance & Accounts department. 
L&T’s Mergers & Acquisitions functions offer multiple opportunities in project management, strategy, finance and marketing, helping employees develop interpersonal and leadership skills. It involves the following functions :

Support the strategic objectives of the company and different operating divisions by executing mergers and acquisitions, divestitures and other strategic transactions, both in the domestic and international markets. 

Conduct research and analysis on potential M&A deals in the industry 
Actively participating in all phases of execution including:
Target identification
Business, industry and strategic analysis 
Financial analysis and valuation 
Transaction structuring  Negotiations
Maintain a project management role throughout the transaction execution process.
  Work closely with different parties, including Strategic Business Unit and Operating Division personnel, internal functional experts from legal, finance and tax areas, external advisors including investment banks, law firms etc. 
Roles in Treasury
The Treasury function is gaining importance in global business scenario. As L&T is expanding its international operations, it places a strong emphasis on central management of funds and risks. 
L&T’s Treasury offers opportunities in system implementation and upgradation, cash management, trade finance, bid support, coordination with L&T’s Operating Divisions (ODs) and with Subsidiary & Associate (S&A) companies. It has three divisions:
Front Office
The Front Office helps the employee to gain an understanding of the financial markets in India and abroad, learn about financial products and develop deal execution and negotiation skills.
The Front Office has the following desks: 
Investments - Dealing in G-Secs, Mutual funds, etc
Borrowing - Raising short term and long term fund, in different currencies
Forex - Dealing in foreign currencies (USD, Euro, GBP, etc.)  
Derivatives - Dealing in swaps, options, etc. on currencies and interest rates
Commodities - Dealing in metals, oil, etc. through futures, options, etc
Mid Office
The Mid Office carries out the compliance function. It generates reports from SAP on limit utilisation, MTM and other matters of relevance to top management.
Back Office

The Back Office carries out settlement of transactions, documentation, accounting, reconciliation, etc. The entire processing is integrated through SAP and enhances employee’s organising and analysing skills.

Coordination with OD and S&A companies involves developing relationships with people across levels, coordinating MIS, analysing foreign exchange, interest rate and commodity price risks and advising on risk mitigation.

Roles in Risk Management
A Role in Risk Management would involve following activities :  
Corporate Risk Management
An evolving function, Corporate Risk Management involves a great deal of interaction between consultants, industry forums and subject experts. Employees are required to leverage and build upon this network.  
It involves the following opportunities :
Risk Profiling
This is a process where risk elements are identified in the business processes of the organisation. Risk profiling function entails statistical analysis of data from ERP and identification of areas in operations where variability is high. It also involves capturing nuances which do not manifest themselves in the data, through structured interviews with concerned business managers. Risk profiling once done for a business vertical, are updated at regular intervals.
Policy Articulation
Juxtaposing risk elements with business objectives creates the need to have policies to serve as guidelines for adopting risk levels in business. A well-articulated policy is instrumental in communicating the Risk Tolerance Level of the organisation to all process owners. L&T is currently documenting this policy.
Risk Analytics
Risk Analytics helps keep a tab on the Risk profile of the organisation, and enables Process owners to do a quick 'what if' analysis and take business decisions.
Management Information System (MIS)
MIS constitutes an integral part of Risk Management. It presents the Risk report to the Management and the Board in easy-to-understand structure. A well-designed and timely MIS helps the organisation to meet both governance and compliance requirements.
Knowledge Management
L&T continuously identifies areas for improvement. Information related to the same are captured, processed and modified so that the performance next time is better.
Business graduates in Risk Management function are offered the following opportunities:
Statistical Modeling
Statistical modeling skills are in focus during the Risk profiling exercise. Business scenarios are evaluated using simulation and other approaches. Employees must be conversant with contemporary tools used in simulation.
Trends in Risk Management
As part of the Risk Management Group, employees are required to track the changes in Enterprise Risk Management arena with respect to regulatory and competitive environment.
Pre-bid Risk Evaluation support
Bids for a project beyond a particular value are routed through the Risk Management team. The Risk Management group evaluates the proposals and advises the bidding team on the risk. To reduce business risk, various options are offered to the customer. This usually involves a valuation of real option.
L&T Selection process
Three-Step-Recruitment Process
There is a three-step-recruitment process for Human Resource Learning Programme [HRLP] and a two-step process for Finance Recruitment programme
Psychometric Test
For HRLP, Psychometric test is conducted. This Psychometric test is not an elimination round. The test focuses on Personal and Interpersonal Skills and Organisational Fit.
Functional GD
On all campuses, L&T holds a one-hour Functional Group Discussion (GD) and an interview.
  In the Functional GD, students are given topics related to HRM, OB [for HR], Finance and Economics [for Finance]. The focus is on assessing students for communication, depth of knowledge, application of knowledge and participation. The duration of the GD is an hour; this ensures that all students get a chance to air their views. Based on the performance in the Functional GD, students are short listed for the interview.
The interview focuses on Personal and Interpersonal Skills and Organisational Fit. The duration of the interview is 60 to 90 minutes. Offers are usually made on the spot or on the same day.
What do we look for in Management Recruits
While recruiting Management Executives, L&T assesses candidates on the following parameters:
Functional Knowledge
Application of Functional Knowledge
Personal & Interpersonal Skills
Organisational Fit