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Core Competencies

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Process Technology

Research & Development Centre – E&C Division
L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Limited has a Research & Development Centre located at Powai Campus, Mumbai. The R&D Centre offers high-end technology support to all the business units for successful implementation of large turnkey EPC Projects. The R&D Centre carries out applied research in the areas of Cement & Mineral Process, Chemical Engineering, Material Science, Thermal Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Rotating Machinery, Ocean Engineering and Water Technologies. Major services provided by R&D in these areas include: Design & Analysis, Technology Evaluation, Troubleshooting & Failure Analysis and support to Project Commissioning.
Cement & Mineral Process
The Cement & Mineral Process Group provides complete in-house process design for large cement and mineral plants, from concept to commissioning. Current focus areas include: Process design / optimisation in Cement Plants; Modelling of SOx/NOx for environmental studies; Coal gasification technology; Alternatives fuels for cement kiln application.
Chemical Engineering
The Chemical Engineering Group is responsible for offering complete process engineering solutions for Oil & Gas (Upstream, Mid & Downstream) and chemical plant applications. R&D contributions cover right from proposal engineering support till commissioning and handing over of the projects. The Group has developed advanced process simulation capabilities using the latest software tools.  Important current activities for this Group are; Evaluation and processing techniques for liquid and gaseous fuels; Process simulation for refineries and chemical industries; Hydrogen / Ammonia processes; Gas processing technologies. 
Material Science & Corrosion Engineering
The Material Science & Corrosion Engineering Group provides vital technology support to all projects in the areas of Material characterization and selection techniques; Developing engineering materials for strategic applications; Surface modification technologies; Prediction and prevention of corrosion and other degradation mechanisms; Advanced composite materials development and  Nano Technology. The Group has rich experience in failure analysis and troubleshooting applications.


Thermal Engineering
The Thermal Engineering Group is actively involved in Design, analysis and optimization of thermal systems (such as heat exchangers, fired heaters and waste heat recovery coils); Flow induced vibration analysis; Dynamic simulation of power plants; Super Critical Boilers and Advanced analysis using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).   
Rotating Machinery
The Rotating Machinery Group offers complete solutions for machinery-related applications, right from slow-speed machines to complex, high-speed turbo-machinery. The Group is primarily engaged in: Advanced machinery design and optimization using FEA techniques; Vibration and Acoustics technologies for fault diagnosis of machinery; Rotor-dynamics analysis of turbo-machinery; Tribology of Gears and Bearings; Acoustic Mapping technique; Pulsation studies in reciprocating machines and Advanced design methodologies involving contact analysis, modal studies, response analysis and non-linear analysis for machinery and systems.
Mechanical Engineering
The Mechanical Engineering Group is engaged in: Theoretical and experimental stress analysis for equipment, structures and piping systems; Creep, fatigue and shock analysis techniques; Thermal analysis; Non-linear analysis and similar high-end engineering analyses. The Group has developed strong in-house capabilities over the years to perform such analyses right from first principles, using fundamental engineering principles. The experimental stress analysis facility available with the Group is recognized as one of the best in the country. This includes large-scale, simultaneous, remote controlled strain gauging facilities, including testing for underwater applications.
Ocean Engineering
The Ocean Engineering Group supports the L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Limited’s efforts to develop expertise in deep-water Exploration / Production projects in Upstream Oil & Gas sector. The current focus areas of the Group include: Analysis of floating structures; Design and analysis of FPSO Topside; Design and analysis of Jack-up rigs and semi-submersible drilling rigs; Hydrostatic stability analysis and Sub-sea piping installation analysis. 
Water Technology
The Water Technology Group is providing necessary expertise to exploit the business potential in water management and knowledge-based water treatment solutions. Current focus areas include: Membrane bio reactors; Thermal desalination technology and Bench-scale / Pilot plant studies in water technology.  

The R&D Centre has several specialized Laboratories engaged in material evaluation, metallurgical studies, corrosion testing, vibration & noise analysis and experimental stress analysis. The Laboratories have been strengthened by addition of new, state-of-the-art instruments and software to carry out the above studies effectively. The laboratories have received recognition from leading national and international agencies. The research facilities are augmented with the latest computer workstations, operating systems and communication network / data storage facilities. A fully computerised Technical Library, having the latest technical publications, research journals and product/technology databases further supplement the R&D resources.  Emphasis is given on creating Intellectual Properties (IP) and managing the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

The R&D Centre has successfully provided technology support to the EPC Projects business over three decades. The R&D services have enabled the business units in choosing the right technology and product, optimizing process design / equipment design, solving product or process-related problems and achieving guaranteed performance of the plants. The R&D Centre has been instrumental in providing the competitive advantage through execution of large and complex projects within targeted cost and time schedule.

Apart from providing technology support to various business units, the R&D Centre is actively engaged in conducting research projects on specific areas. The direct benefits obtained from such projects are in developing expertise, analytical / experimental skills and assimilating new technologies having future business potential. Such projects enable R&D to be better-equipped in providing necessary technical support in new business.

The R&D Centre has acquired professional memberships of leading international and national Societies (such as ASME, ASTM, NACE, NAFEMS etc.) and the Centre interacts regularly with agencies such as HTFS, HTRI, TERI, TSI and NLGI. R&D engineers actively participate in national and international seminars and conferences, which help in establishing mutually beneficial professional interaction with leading experts and peer groups. Pioneering work done by the R&D Centre has resulted in a number of product and process patents over the years.