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Rolling Stock

Rolling Stock Features:


  • Metros around the world are there to give comfort to the commuter and at a price which is easy on the pocket. India's millions and the especially the denizens of Hyderabad will be in for this experience in a few years from today.  
  • The specification for standard gauge rolling stock is based on light weight stainless steel/Aluminum‐ bodied three‐car formations, having a trailer car between two motored driving cars. Internal wide gangways will provide ease of passenger movement and assist load distribution. Trains will be air‐ conditioned throughout with designated space for differently abled persons. LCD screen type route map indicators over all the doors and LCD TVs at suitable locations inside cars shall be provided for infotainment. Safety of commuter and operations is paramount for us and the trains will have foolproof safety features and on‐board fire & smoke detection as well.
  • These trains will have CCTV cameras in and outside the cars, mobile and laptop charging sockets inside the car, better humidity control, microprocessor‐controlled brakes, secondary air‐suspension for better ride comfort and will be capable of maintaining an average speed of 33 km/h and maximum operating speed of 80 km/h. The trains will be using regenerative electric braking thereby converting the momentum into electrical energy and feeding back to power supply system while braking. As a contribution towards the CDM this will reduce the energy requirement from the grid.
  • The maximum capacity per three car train will be approximately 965 including longitudinal seating, giving a high proportion of the floor area to standing passengers. Each car will have longitudinal seats for approximately 40 persons./li>
  • Total 171 cars for 57 Trains will be procured for the first phase of the project. Although with many automated functions, the ATO enabled trains will be under driver control.
  • Having all salient features which will add to the comfort and safety of the commuter, it is aesthetics combined with comfort and safety which will win the metro‐user and make them addicted. Hyundai Rotem (Korea), were chosen based not only on latest technology and price but also on cost of maintenance, service and availability of spares.. Our endeavor is to have an improvement on the existing Metro‐Rail trains.
Salient features of Rolling Stock
Train Set3 Cars train set (DMC‐TC‐DMC)
Extendable to 6 Cars train set (DMC‐TC‐MC‐MC‐TC‐DMC)
GaugeStandard Gauge (1435 mm)
Traction25 kV AC Overhead Catenary, Single phase and 50 Hz frequency
Maximum Design Speed90 kmph
Maximum Operating Speed80 Kmph
Average Speed33 kmph
Head way between two trains3 minutes during peak and 15 minutes during lean hours
Dwell Time20 seconds at stations
Maximum Axle Load17 Ton with 8 Passenger/Square metre in standing area
Safety featuresAutomatic Train Protection (ATP)/ Automatic Train Operation (ATO)
Automatic Train Supervision
Passenger Emergency Alarm
Passenger Addressing System
CCTV in cars
Saloon Door opening and closing Alarm
Fail Safe Pneumatic Emergency Air Brake
Provision of Dead man safety feature on the Traction‐Brake controller handle
Wheel Slip/Slide Protection
Crash‐Worthy design of Cars
Derailment Guard on rails
Smoke and Fire detectors in Driver’s Cab and Saloon Car
Fire extinguishers inside cars and driver’s cab
Emergency brake application in a moving train if unintended partings of the cars occur.
Platform screen door enable features in Rolling Stock
Car BodyLight Weight Stainless Steel/Aluminium
Energy EfficientEnergy regeneration during electro dynamic braking.
InteriorDedicated space to accommodate wheelchair (for people with reduced mobility)
Longitudinal Seats, Grab Poles and Rails for standing passengers
Air‐conditioned with Humidity Control
Mobile and Laptop Charging Points
LCD TVs for Entertainment, information and advertisement
LCD Dynamics Route Display
ExteriorModern and Aesthetic, unpainted, covered with vinyl sheet for advertisement
Current Collection SystemOverhead Pantograph
DoorsExternally hung, sliding bi‐parting Doors for Saloon
WindowsDouble Glazed Laminated glass with PVB film pasted in between
Brakesa) Electro‐pneumatic friction brake system (EP)
b) Electric‐regenerative brake system
c) Spring applied air‐release parking brake system
d) Electro‐pneumatic friction emergency brake system
e) Brake‐pipe controlled back‐up security brake system
CouplersAutomatic and Semi Permanent Couplers
Air‐conditionerTwo Roof mounted VAC for Saloon and One for Driver Cab
Propulsion System25kV AC Single phase, IGBT based VVVF Control
BogieBolster less with Secondary Air Spring
Train ControlTrain Integrated Management System (TIMS)
Battery Back-upBattery Back‐up upto one hour for emergency loads i.e Lights, PA/PIS etc.