Construction Equipment

For the construction segment, L&T presents the robust range of Komatsu Hydraulic Excavators – that are durable, smart and efficient. Given their toughened undercarriage, well-engineered structure, intelligent hydraulics and powerful engines, they outperform their peers in sheer performance and productivity.

Ranging from 7 tonnes to 45 tonnes operating weight, Komatsu Hydraulic Excavators come in a range of models - PC71/PC130/PC210/PC300/PC300 Mighty/PC450.

These machines are deployed in the most demanding applications - from road construction, infrastructure projects, aggregate loading, irrigation, brick work, aquaculture to material handling and mining operations. Optional configurations are available for tunneling, rock-breaking, pipe-laying, trenching, slag handling and other applications.

For development of roads and highways, Komatsu’s Motor Grader GD555 is the right machine. It meets emission norms and exhibits versatility with large blade and uniform grading. Plus its patented technology, versatile design and rugged construction help road contractors stay ahead.

The L&T 9020 Wheel Loader, manufactured by L&T at its Bangalore Works, is a perfect solution for all material handling needs. This loader is fuel efficient and requires low maintenance.

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