L&T Crusher Bucket - LTCB250

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Designed and developed by L&T Construction Equipment utilizing in house technology, L&T Crusher Bucket LTCB250 offers a flexible, economical and effective solution for crushing and screening requirements at construction jobsites, stone quarries and also in demolition applications. 

Technical Specifications:

  • Recommended Excavator - 20T
  • Bucket Capacity - 0.7 CuM
  • Oil Pressure (Max) - 210 Bar
  • Bucket Weight - 3.1 Ton
  • Feed Size (Max) - 400 mm


  • Stone crushing
  • Crushing and recycling of RCC concrete
  • Mineral crushing in mining sites
  • Production of raw material for construction of roads, pavements and embankments
  • Re-handling in construction and real estate projects
  • Crushing of slag for better re-handling