As the world faced an unprecedented health crisis due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we at L&T have been committed to doing everything in our power to help control the spread, ensure the safety and well-being of our employees and keep business disruption to a minimum.


Responsible resumption

The health and well-being of every employee has been a priority for L&T throughout the crisis. Every effort has been made to ensure that employees stay safe and productive as they return to work. There are rigorous safety SoPs in place at all sites and campuses of L&T, and continuous communication to employees regarding health and safety advisories.

Vigilance at project sites ensures that hygiene, catering, waste management and preventive measures including social distancing is being rigorously maintained.  Ambulances, doctors and medical facilities are accessible for workmen and employees.  

Learning & Development

Learning is a part of our everyday life in L&T. Using our special e-learning platform – ATL Next - we are ensuring that employees use this time productively. Employees can upskill or acquire new skills through e-learning courses and the multiple webinars being offered across roles and functions.

Community Support

We are committed to participate in corporate India’s response to COVID-19 through funds, community welfare plans and through leveraging our expertise to offer assistance. Read more about how L&T is supporting the Government and communities in the fight against COVID

L&T Partners to Install Walk-in CT Scan Facility at Mumbai COVID-19 Hospital Learn more

Smart Solutions

Technology solutions developed by L&T are being used extensively by various state governments and local authorities across India to track and control the spread of the virus. These range from intelligent surveillance and crowd control systems to public messaging systems.

Technology to find COVID-19           

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