The Prayas Trust originated as L&T Ladies’ Club more than two decades ago. This philanthropic organization formed and run by wives of employees and women employees provides community service to the underprivileged sections of society located around various L&T facilities, countrywide.

The members of the Prayas Trust drive activities around the areas identified by L&T’s CSR theme, ‘Building India’s Social Infrastructure’. They aid programmes in thrust areas like water and sanitation, education, health and skill-building. Prayas Trust provides a wide range of medical services to the underprivileged who would not otherwise have access to care, through the Prayas Medical Centre which also has a dialysis unit that treats over 45 patients averaging over 5400 sittings per year.

The ladies at Prayas have always emphasized that providing girls with basic education is a sure way of giving them much greater power – of enabling them to make genuine choices concerning their lives. The Prayas Tuition Centres and Prayas Toy Van, aptly named ‘Kutty Chutty Bus’ reach out to disadvantaged children of Government and Corporation schools, greatly enhancing their learning opportunities through interactive and practical educational content.

Prayas Trust members also conduct vocational training courses for adolescent girls, create income-generating opportunities for women, and support the differently-abled. In addition to these projects, several members are also regular volunteers and effectively utilise the Prayas Mobile Medical Van to reach out to a much larger community and provide preventive and therapeutic medical help for the elderly. The Prayas Trust provides unique opportunities for its members to exhibit their skills and expertise for the benefit of underprivileged communities. Moreover, it also plays a significant role in helping employees feel a sense of pride and belonging as members of the L&T family.

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