L&T has a structured employee volunteering programme, L&Teering, which enables and encourages employees to participate in community development activities. L&Teers donate blood, plant trees, support in conducting health camps in communities, conduct competitions in schools, distribut educational aids, and conduct sessions with children on special topics like safety and career guidance.

Here’s a snapshot of L&Teering activities and their impact: 

Aiding the visually challenged - L&T-ites have volunteered to record audio books for the visually challenged. Volunteers also functioned as scribes to write various exams for the visually challenged. 

Supporting study centres - Volunteers usually teach English and Maths in study centres every Saturday in Mumbai. 

Taking joy into homes - L&Teers regularly visit institutions for orphans, senior citizens and cancer patients, and engage them through entertainment and educational activities. 

Building futures, one child at a time -  L&T has partnered with the NGO Mentor Me India, where employees mentor kids from low-income group communities. These mentors regularly meet the children, helping them develop various aspects of their personality and behaviour, spanning the spectrum from confidence building to good citizenship. The mentors act as role models who provide the guidance and support that the children may not receive from their environment. 

Social film-making - L&T has collaborated with Yes Foundation for its initiative named, ‘Yes, I am the change’. Employees attended an orientation programme on 3-minute film-making, conducted by the Foundation’s volunteers. Volunteers enthusiastically participated in the initiative and submitted 11 films on social issues like education, environment, disability and women’s empowerment. 

NGO Mela - Every Diwali, L&T’s CSR team organises an NGO mela at various locations to encourage entrepreneurship among the self-employed individuals supported by various NGOs. Several home-made or small-scale industry products are displayed for sale, helping the self-employed earn with dignity.

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