Power to the People

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04 November 2014

‘Power to the People’ is the theme line of L&T’s CSR initiatives at the 2x700 MW power plant in Rajpura, Punjab.  Based on supercritical technology, it is one of the most eco-friendly and efficient coal-based thermal plants in India. The megawatts generated are supplied to the state of Punjab, helping industry and lighting up the lives of people.

But this is only one part of the picture of progress. Team L&T is also committed to contributing directly to local community development.

Rajpura receives an average annual rainfall of 677 mm. As part of its CSR programme, L&T engineers constructed a multi–tiered water conservation system. This includes two storage tanks, filtration chamber and a recharge-well for harvesting rainwater and facilitating artificial recharge. The two storage tanks have a total capacity of 7,694 cu. m. The rainwater harvesting system has the potential of recharging over 500,000 cu. m. of water annually.  The consequent rise in the water table and all its attendant benefits will add new meaning to the theme-line ‘Power to the People’.

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