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Ex2000 is perfectly suited for fan and pump applications. It can handle loads up to 450 kW, and is engineered to keep your machine operating at optimum efficiency – even in the hot, humid and dusty conditions that characterize India's industrial environment. It has features that save energy and cost, and is easy to operate.


  • Three Phase 415V - 5.5 to 450kW


  • IP20 till 11Kw & IP00 till 450Kw


  • V/F, Sensorless Vector Control, Slip Compensation
  • Starting Torque: 200% at 0.5Hz for Sensorless Control
  • Conformal Coating complying to IEC 60721-3-3 class 3C2
  • Built-in RS485 Modbus
  • Built-in Booster pump control
  • Dual PID
  • Pre-heat Function
  • Reverse Rotation Prevention
  • Component Life Monitoring
  • Built-in DC Reactor from 22kW to 280kW

Dual rating operation

  • Designed to be used for heavy and normal duty applications.

    Overload capacity
    • Heavy duty operation: 150% of rated current for 60 sec
    • Normal duty operation: 110% of rated current for 60 sec

Booster Pump

  • It is used when a single drive is used to control multiple motors in pump systems, by default 4 Pumps can be controlled & Max upto 8 pumps can be controlled
  • Precise Control of pressure
  • Ideal cost effective solution for constant pressure / constant flow pumping application

PID & Dual PID

  • In the centrifugal fan and pump, PID control is provided as a standard function in order to maintain a constant pressure, flow or level
  • Where external or cascaded PID control is required, the built-in dual PID algorithm of the Ex2000 can be utilised to satisfy various system requirements

Sleep & Wake Function

  • It automatically switches OFF Drive during user-programmed low- load conditions and then to start-up again when process demand increases
  • It helps eliminate unnecessary operation at idle speeds, thus saving wear and tear, as well as energy
  • PID Control

Automatic Energy Saving

  • Load change may incur energy losses. But the optimised flux control of the Ex2000 results in more outstanding energy-saving

Pre Heat Function

  • It allows the drive to maintain residual heat in the motor, which helps eliminate condensation in damp conditions when the motor is not in use.
  • In the drive, an adjustable, low-level DC current is applied to the stator windings either continuously or on a duty cycle basis


  • During power dips or momentary power outage, the drive’s output can be maintained by utilising the residual mechanical energy in the load as a regenerative source.
  • The duration of the power-dip ride-through depends on the load characteristics

Removable Terminal Block

  • In case of AC Drive failure, control card of the existing drive can be replaced to new drive with wiring
  • Reduces the downtime of AC Drive replacement

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