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ORIS is part of a new range of products for building applications. Others products include spike guards, lamp-holders, ceiling rose and plug tops. The ORIS range is available through a nationwide network of specialized channel partners.

Plug Tops

Plug top


•    Fire retardant polycarbonate material for safety and durability.
•    Conforms to IS 1293:2005
•    Firm grip design ensures no slippage while removing
•    Solid brass terminals for better conductivity & longer life
•    LED status indicator
•    Range includes – 6A (2 pin & 3 pin), 16A (3 pin), 25A (3 pin)

Spike Guard



•   Provides continuous protection to equipment like PCs/ TVs/ Music systems, mobile  phones  etc. from voltage surges, current spikes and overload.
•    Ergonomically designed for robust and high performance
•    Universal sockets with safety shutters suitable for plug tops from most countries across the   world.
•    ISI marked moulded 3 core 0.75 mm cord
•    Resettable thermal fuse for overload protection does away with fuse replacement.
•    Rating : 10 A , 230 V AC

Lamp Holder

Lamp holder (Angle)Lamp holder (Batten)


•    Unique design enables the same product to be used as a batten as well as an angle holder.
•    Fire retardant polycarbonate material for safety and durability.
•    Tested at 4A current for fire retardant.

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