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Substation Automation Systems

Power, a non-renewable source of energy is one of the most focused industries today. For systematic power distribution, power has to be healthy. At every substation level the parameters are checked to determine the condition of power. These parameters go through different stages of checking, rectifying, controlling, etc which are performed at substation level. To integrate all these functions in a system & to perform simultaneous checks, substation automation systems are brought in concept. At L&T we have a word for this – ‘iONE’ – integrated into one.

Our Substation Automation Systems offer the following functionalities:

  • IPCS – Integration Protection & Control System
  • EMCS – Electrical monitoring & Control System
  • IPMS – Integrated power Management system
  • PMS- Power Management System
  • ELICS – Electrical Instrumentation Control System
  • SCMS – Substation Control & monitoring System