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Integrated Telecom Alarm Management Platform

iVisionmax-TAMS is L&T's latest telecom, networking & automation monitoring system which is a customized module developed on the iVisionmax platform to monitor all the telecommunication devices, networking equipment and various other automation systems installed in a plant or site.

By integrating two functionalities of a network management system(NMS) & a SCADA system, TAMS is able to provide the user a common management platform to monitor the various telecommunication & automation systems in the user's plant, thereby allowing the operator to efficiently monitor any threats to their operations.



  • Ease of Device Manageability

    The application can communicate with network elements such as switches and routers to collect information using SNMP. Configuration management can be handled using TAMS as it can connect directly to the devices

  • Cybersecurity and Intrusion Prevention

    The platform connects to various Network Security equipment such as firewalls, IDS, Syslog, NMS, OT system watchdogs, etc. from both IT and OT domains. Vulnerabilities and alerts transferred from network security equipment to TAMS can be used to trigger intrusion prevention actions on various equipment connected to TAMS like blocking of switch ports, PLC controller changeover, etc.

  • IT/OT Information Correlation

    TAMS is a singular platform that interfaces with both IT and OT elements in the network. Hence, correlation of various process parameters is possible that will identify errors, issues or threats in the system and flag them.

  • Unified operation with maximum operator efficiency

    The TAMS package integrates the functionality of an NMS & a SCADA system to provide a Single machine interface station to monitor telecom & automation systems in a facility/site allowing the operator to monitor the status of network and components to take appropriate actions instead of a layered response.

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