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Some highlights of our offerings include end to end cost effective solutions from design to commissioning, spares & service support, and retro fitment / upgrade solutions for existing vessels.

  • Electrical offering includes:-
    • Main Switchboards
    • Emergency Switchboard
    • C&C Switchboard (400 Hz)
    • Energy Distribution Centers
    • Feeder Sections
    • Changeover Switches (Auto as well as Manual)
    • Distribution Boards (Power as well as Lighting)
    • Group Starter Panels
    • Modular Starters (DOL, Star-Delta, Soft Starter)
    • Motors
    • Control panels
    • Junction Boxes
    • Transformers
    • Rectifiers
    • Battery Charger Units
    • Converters
    • Helo-Starting Rectifiers
    • Navigation Light Control Panel
  • Control System offering includes:-
    • Integrated Platform Management System
    • Integrated Bridge System
    • Automated Power Management System
    • Degaussing System
    • Automatic Data Acquisition System
    • Alarm Monitoring System
    • Vessel Management System
    • Measurements & Deperming

We have emerged as a consultancy firm in ship electrical system design and provide support to shipyard in preparation of:

  • Load Analysis & Load Calculation
  • Generator sizing, Generator Loading
  • Transformer capacities
  • Protection co-ordination
  • Selection of loads and identification of Emergency and Essential loads etc. keeping in mind the rules and regulations of the class authorities

Major solutions provided by L&T comprise of the following:

  • Electrical System Design
  • Electrical Power Distribution Equipment
  • Procurement and supply of electrical utilities
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Ship Lighting design and installation

L&T also offers turnkey services which include:

  • Calculation of Load Analysis, Short Circuit Calculations and Lighting Calculations. Preparation of Single Line Drawings, Short Circuit Calculations, Cable Tray Layouts, Cable Schedules, Lighting Calculations, Lighting arrangement drawings, LSS Plan, compartment layouts for critical compartments, i.e. Gyro Room, WT Office, Bridge, MCR/ECR, Gyro Room, Antennae Layout, Galley, Chart Room etc.
  • Design of Internal Wiring Drawings for Main Engine, Main DG Sets, AC Plants, Bow Thrusters, other machineries, External Communication equipment, Hydrographic / Special equipment, Cargo Equipment, etc.
  • Supply of Class/Navy approved electrical distribution system (PGD).
  • Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Integrated Platform Management System, Auto Power Management System, Integrated Bridge System.
  • Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Degaussing System
  • Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Alarm Management System / Vessel Management System
  • Supply, Installation and commissioning of Lighting fixtures (Water Tight and decorative), Navigation Lights, Navigation & Communication equipment, Galley & Laundry Equipment, Office Equipment, SRE equipment, etc.
  • Installation and commissioning of cable trays, electrical equipment, antennae, etc. including trials as per class/Naval requirements.
  • Submission of approved As Fitted drawings.
  • Guarantee Support

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