Switchgear Training Centres

As India’s leader in low-voltage switchgear, L&T spearheaded the cause of generating awareness on electrical hygiene in the country. The initiative began by training electricians in remote villages on agricultural switchgear products. It was later extended to industrial engineers and workmen who were imparted training on industrial switchgear products at a single location. In 1986, L&T set up its first non-profit Switchgear Training Centre (STC) in Pune with the objective of enhancing knowledge and necessary skill sets of personnel for proper maintenance and efficient working of electrical equipment and systems for industry-wide improvements in productivity and higher profitability. Later, such centres came up in Connoor, Lucknow and Vadodara. STCs promote good electrical engineering practices and provide an excellent platform for discussions and learning on technical issues.

STCs adopt an unbiased, generic approach of switchgear – their selection, installation, safety, maintenance criteria, energy conservation techniques, etc. so as to cater to the maximum number of industry aspirants. The target audience comprises all users of low-voltage switchgear – electricians, technicians, maintenance supervisors, engineers as well as L&T’s customers and business associates such as panel builders, OEMs, consultants, contractors, electrical utilities as well as university faculty and students from India and abroad.

State-of-the-art classrooms and labs

Training methods include theory-based classroom sessions, video-based instructions, workshops, practical demonstrations and hands-on training for ‘learning by doing’. The appropriate mode is selected to suit the target audience’s profile such as maintenance, project, design etc.

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Automation Training Academy

Our L&T Automation Academy located at Automation Campus, Navi Mumbai, offers broad and comprehensive professional training covering areas of the automation field and complete cycle of a project. It is conducted in small groups and comprises classroom sessions as well as on the job training and hands-on experience, so as to ensure maximum learning and enhance expertise in product competency, engineering and project execution.

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