Green Portfolio

Green Portfolio


Equipment for green fuels and nuclear power

For decades, L&T Heavy Engineering has been promoting progress through the fabrication and supply of custom-designed high-tech equipment and technology-driven, quick turnaround solutions to core sector process plants and the nuclear power industry across the globe.
In line with the pressing need for green energy, we have been executing an increasing number of orders for equipment to produce green fuels and cleaner power.

In addition, we have contributed to almost all of India's nuclear power plants, augmenting the country's output of this zero-emission clean energy. 

Equipment for renewable diesel - green fuel

We help to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by manufacturing equipment to produce renewable diesel (from used cooking oil, recycled animal fats and inedible corn oil).
Currently we have under execution, Hydroprocessing Reactors for the Renewable Diesel & Biofuel Project for prestigious refinery majors from USA & Europe. 

Equipment and technologies for cleaner fossil fuels

In line with Euro VI Fuel Standards, we have been supplying equipment that helps to remove the polluting components from fossil fuels, vastly reducing the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere. The waste heat boiler packages aid conservation of valuable resources by recovering energy.We are associated with leading R&D centres/institutes to develop process technologies such as residue upgradation for petroleum refining and advanced technology for clean coal/petcoke gasification.

We walk the green talk

We are part of a Group that integrates environmental protection across all its operational activities. Therefore, energy efficiency permeates all of our own manufacturing processes and facilities. We reduce wastage, optimise energy and conserve water through clean and green practices.

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