Organisational Excellence


L&T Heavy Engineering aims to provide world class products and services to its customers. To this end we continually strive to improve and upgrade our internal processes and skills. We consider our people as our biggest assets in fulfilling our promises to our stakeholders.

Organisational excellence aims to build a culture of innovation and collaboration while creating a workplace to which we are proud to belong. We integrate all major initiatives in this area under one name - “UDAAN”, which signifies flight or breaking free from existing mind sets to scale new heights.

Enterprise-wide Collaboration for Alignment with Strategy (ECAS)

A change management initiative which represents our journey towards "Customer Intimacy" through:

  • Creating a culture of candor by encouraging information and knowledge sharing & transparency
  • Enabling a structured cultural change – behavioural and attitudinal – towards changing needs
  • Aligning all levels of organisation towards common goals
  • Breaking silos by enhancing Cross-Functional Collaboration & networking
  • Creating a channel for two-way communication across organisation

Employee Engagement

A sense of belonging and being aligned with the organisational goals gives our people the impetus to deliver extraordinary performance. Frequent sessions of Team Building, Belbin workshops, Voice of User sessions, Baat-cheet, etc., help us create a vibrant, committed & engaged workforce.


Innovation is the key to our success. To sustain the spark of creativity we provide platforms for people at all levels to generate, share and implement their ideas. Customised workshops for problem solving and idea generation are used to facilitate the ideation process using various Innovation Tools.

Theory of Constraints

Critical Chain Project Management is based on the hugely successful Theory of Constraints, and targets improved execution and delivery performance. Trained champions in-house continuously train project teams in the concepts and deliverables of TOC to manage optimal resource usage and prioritization of tasks.


This is an L&T-wide initiative to cater to the triple bottom-line which include economic, social & environmental performance of the organisation.

Corp Sustainability