Research and Development is a prerequisite for technological innovation. At L&T Heavy Engineering, R&D is the focus of our Product & Technology Development Centres in the Process, Manufacturing and Defence & Aerospace domains. Product & Technology Development Centre (PTDC) for Defence & Aerospace (D&A) is a dedicated group that develops and engineers highly advanced strategic systems. Employees work at the cutting edge of technology and sculpt state-of-the-art products for the Defence & Aerospace sector, thus enabling indigenisation & self-reliance.The Product & Technology Centres are located at Powai (for Mechanical, Electronics & RF Systems) and Bengaluru (for Military Communication & Special Sensors).

These Centres have been recognised by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR) as Industrial R&D Laboratories.

The main objectives of the R&D programme are:

  • Technology & Product Development for Defence & Aerospace industry segments such as Land, Naval & Airborne Weapon Systems, Military Communications, Military Sensors, C4ISR Systems.
  • Technology development & capability enhancement in areas related to:
    • Advanced stress analysis, composites & advanced materials, kinematics & dynamics of mechanisms, computational fluid dynamics, manufacturing processes, servo drives, controls, image processing & video analytics, avionics, Radars and Electronic Warfare (EW).
    • Digital Radio Technologies i.e. MODEMs, RF-Front Ends, Software Defines Radios (SDRs) & Cognitive Radios, Software Defined Networking (SDN) & Software Defined Tactical Datacenters (SDTD), Next Generation Networking Technologies i.e. Programmable Routers & Switches, Military Encryption & Security, Network Management & Signal C2, Tactical Messaging, Battlefield Management and C4ISR subsystems.
  • Prototyping and trial evaluation of newly developed products for Defence and Aerospace business segment.
  • Support for product upgradation / enhancements, failure analysis & troubleshooting.
  • Facilitating technical collaboration and absorption of technology for product & process development. 
  • Technology perspective and road mapping for identification of development areas.

R&D for Defense and Aerospace Industry at Powai

R&D for Millitary Communication & Special Sensors at Bengaluru