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Winch and Mooring system is one of the major subsystem for the Aerostat. It serves as a mobile platform for deployment, retrieval & Docking of the Aerostat. It consist of "WINCH" unit which is required for raising, lowering & holding the aerostat at a desired height, & "MOORING" unit on which Aerostat is anchored when not in flight.

The Winch & Mooring system consist of a station mounted over a low bed Trailer. The station is mounted to the Trailer through a Slew bearing and this allows entire station to swivel freely about the station centre which facilitates freedom in wind-vaning. The ability of the station to wind-vane permits easy handling of the aerostat even during heavy winds.

The aerostat is deployed and retrieved with a cable, called "TETHER". One side of the Tether is connected to the Aerostat while other side passing through flying sheave, guide roller and capstan, is connected to the Stow drum winch.

During docking and undocking of the aerostat from the station, Aerostat is handled with mooring lines (two close haul lines and one nose line). Docking units like cradle and trestle allow for secure docking a the Aerostat to the station.

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