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Land Weapon Systems

L&T has been at the forefront in providing high-end technology solutions for land-based forces. L&T's weapon systems such as Multi-Barrel Rocket Launchers, 155mm/52 Cal artillery guns – both towed and self-propelled and missile launchers enable land-based forces to deliver the right kind of ammunition at the right time with precision.

In the realm of Engineering Systems, L&T offers a wide range of bridging systems and drop platforms. Upgrades of air defence guns and rocket launchers offered by L&T extend the life of equipment by several decades thereby providing cost-effective solutions to land-based forces.

L&T provides complete systems and solutions for Air Defence, Artillery and Mechanised forces. In-house technology and product development has enabled us to build strong foundations for multiple technologies that are deployed in a wide range of weapon systems; designed, developed and manufactured for land-based systems