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Helicopter Landing Grids

Helicopter Landing Grids are provided on ships for assisting helicopter landings in the high seas. The landing grids, designed and manufactured by L&T, are compatible with most of the helicopters, e.g. Sea king, ALH, etc. The design has been verified and approved by DNV and widely accepted by leading shipyards all over the world. The Grids are manufactured in conformance to STANAG 1276 HOS standard.

Helicopter Traversing & Securing System

Helicopter Traversing & Securing systems are installed on the quarterdeck of the ship to provide secure and safe movement of a helicopter from the landing area to the hangar and vice versa. The systems can be provided in various configurations, e.g. Single rail systems, dual rail system (both straight & curve type), over the deck rail, sunken type rail & Rail-less systems. The design caters to multiple helicopters, e.g. Sea king & ALH, as per requirement of the vessel.