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L&T has designed, manufactured, constructed and commissioned India's largest Ship Lift (as classified by Lloyd's Register) for L&T's Shipyard at Kattupalli. The Ship Lift can lift a ship of 200m length and width up to 43m.

The Ship Lift is a huge elevator which raises the ship out of the water for drydocking ashore and lowers them back into the water on completion of work. The Ship Lift platform is lowered and raised by a number of hoists, driven by high precision variable frequency drives (VVFD) with elaborate encoder based feedback system, operating in a synchronized manner. The system monitors the load and position on a real time basis and a fail-safe double brake system ensures safety of Ship Lift system and ship.

The Ship Transfer System has electro-hydraulic trolleys along with trestles which are designed to transport ships from the Ship Lift to any of the various dry berths on land, which multiplies the berthing capacity of shipyards. This reduces the constraint of waterfront availability.