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Indigenous ASW Rocket Launcher (IRL)

The Indigenous ASW Rocket Launcher (IRL) is a ship-based anti-submarine rocket launcher system, capable of firing 12 radially arranged, depth-charge rockets at submerged targets, in a single and salvo mode. It is supported by a 'Rocket Feed Complex' that is capable of storage and automatic loading of rockets into the launcher. The rocket is an unguided solid propellant projectile with an impact time fuse that can be switched to impact or impact-time ignition.

Indigenous Twin Tube Torpedo Launcher (ITTL)

The Indigenous Twin Tube Torpedo Launcher (ITTL) is a Heavy Weight Torpedo (HWT) Launching system with a provision to accept firing commands to launch Anti-Ship and Anti-Submarine torpedoes. Designed for single shot as well as salvo firing of torpedoes through Anti-Submarine Fire Control System, the ITTL is made up of Aluminium Magnesium alloys and is supported by a hydraulically adjustable Torpedo Loading Trolley.

Triple Tube Launcher (TTL)

The Triple Tube Launcher (TTL) is a torpedo launch system designed for firing lightweight anti-submarine torpedoes. The torpedo is ejected by means of high pressure - air and is electrically or manually controlled. The barrels are manufactured from special grade corrosion resistant material and have integral GRP liners for weight reduction and superior wear resistance.

The TTL Fire Control System includes Ship-borne Pre-setters, Portable Pre-setters and Launch Tubes for programming and launching of A244/s torpedoes. These are programmed as per the target data using the Pre-setter unit. Simulators are used for training the crew and testing the Pre-setter units.

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