Low Pressure Feedwater Heater

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We offer HP and LP feedwater heaters in Horizontal and Vertical orientation with Channel down configuration.

We undertake performance guarantee for heaters for various parameters such as:

  • TTD
  • DCA and
  • Feedwater side pressure drop

Our current reference includes 70 nos. heaters to 7 units of 800 MW class supercritical power plants, with design pressure more than 350 bar (35MPa) in addition to 09 units of 660 to 700 MW class with 90 heaters.

We possess multi-spindle precision drilling facilities up to 1000 mm thick Tubesheet.

We manufacture with conformance to various standards and codes – HEI standards, IBR and standards for pressure equipment – ASME / AD Mercblatter.

We have experience of supplying ASME U Code stamped heaters to various utility projects. We have successfully handled various metallurgies with Tubesheet thickness more than 500 mm and with overlay constructions for HP heater tubesheets.

MOC: Shell – SA 516 Gr 70

Tubesheet: SA 266 Gr 2

Tubes: SA 688 Gr 304