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We manufacture and supply steam surface condensers for large scale utility power plants, industrial power plants and captive power plants. We offer condensers in rectangular and circular configurations for radial, axial or side steam entry options.

Our experience includes current execution of 16 units of 600 – 800 MW class supercritical power plants with Titanium & Stainless Steel tubes.

Our largest supply of Condenser was 800 MT weight, twin shell, dual pressure, 50,300 m2, effective surface area with 25 BWG welded Titanium Tubes for a 800 MW supercritical power plant in India. We have handled hydrotest pressure upto 515 kg / cm2 and Tubesheet thickness of 535mm.

We manufacture with conformance to various standards and codes – HEI standards and standards for pressure equipment – ASME / AD Merkblatter. We also execute condensers conforming to PED / CE stamp. Our experience includes supplying ASME U Code stamped condensers to SABIC refinery project in Saudi Arabia for KBR project amongst others.

We successfully handle various metallurgies of construction – Titanium, Admiralty Brass, Aluminum Brass, SS, Cupro Nickel with clad constructions.

Our equipment is approved by Alstom, Toshiba, MHI, Shin Nippon, Skoda, Doosan, Siemens amongst others.

Key Design features:

  • Own tube layout
  • Full peripheral bundle entry of steam
  • Low bundle entrance velocities
  • Minimum steam travel distance
  • Negligible pressure drop
  • Equal bundle penetration paths
  • Full reheat and deaeration
  • Efficient steam dumping
  • Finite element analysis of critical joints
  • Flow induced vibration check

MOC: Shell: SA 516 Gr 485 /SA 387 Gr 11 Cl 2

Tubes: SB 338 Gr 2 / SA 249 TP 316 L

Tubesheet: SA 516 Gr 70 with SB 265Gr 2 titanium clad