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We offer the benefits of five decades of experience in construction. The construction record spans over 50 power plants, totalling approximately 35,000 MW of power capacity. Our customers gain from a proven ability to mobilise large workforces, advanced construction techniques, and a thorough understanding of requirements at project sites.

Our Construction and Erection capabilities include:

  • Survey and soil investigation
  • Site development works - levelling and grading, compound wall and fencing, roads and drains, railway sidings, ash ponds, green belt and landscaping
  • Complete civil and structural works for power plant including piling, equipment foundations, powerhouse building, plant and non-plant buildings, township and facilities
  • River/seawater intake works, CW system, plant reservoirs and pump-houses
  • Erection of SG, TG, GTG, HRSG and all other main equipment and Balance of Plant (BoP) equipment
  • Piping and ducting - fabrication and erection, including all protective coating and refractory insulation
  • Electrical and instrumentation works
  • EHV switchyard and transmission lines
  • Port clearances, inland transportation, store management and other related works