• L&T Skill Trainers Academy

Effective training delivery is a valuable skill. For, trainees can be only as good as their trainers. In order to increase the effectiveness of skill-training programmes, it is essential that those entrusted with imparting these skills be trained to do it in a way that is easily grasped by the trainees. This is what we do at the L&T Skill Trainers Academy.

  • Skill Trainers Academy

    The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship and NSDC have initiated a well-structured skilling programme across the country. L&T’s Skill Trainers Academy (STA) located in Madh, Mumbai trains high calibre trainers who can successfully convert the youth into a highly skilled globally competitive workforce.

  • Infrastructure

    The academy's well-equipped classrooms are designed for interactive experiential learning. It has state-of the-art laboratories and equipment to test domain skills. Since the programme is a residential one, a well-designed hostel with all amenities ensures a comfortable stay. A combination of indoor comfort and abundant green cover creates an environment that is both inspiring and relaxing.

  • Affiliations

    Presently, the STA runs programes affiliated to the Banking (BFSI), Capital Goods (CGSC), Construction (CSDCI), Electronics (ESSCI), and Management & Entrepreneurship (MEPSC) sectors. The affiliations with other Sector Skill Councils is in process.