Technology Hubs & Partnerships

L&T's technology strength constitutes a strategic mix of in-house Research & Development and the expertise of its joint venture partners. With a continuous focus on innovation, design and development, the future is taking shape in L&T's Technology and Innovation centres around the world.

This technology expertise is deployed across all businesses of L&T, ensuring added value to our customers.

Technology Hubs

L&T’s Engineering Centres at Mumbai, Vadodara and Delhi carry out process design and simulation, analysis of computational fluid dynamics, mechanical design, failure analysis and trouble shooting.

L&T’s Engineering Centres at Mumbai, Vadodara and Delhi carry out process design and simulation, analysis of computational fluid dynamics, mechanical design, failure analysis and trouble shooting.

Engineering Design & Research Centres

Located at Chennai & Kolkata, EDRC offers expertise in the field of plant structures for cement, steel, coal handling, zinc & copper beneficiation, petrochemicals, refineries, switchyard structures, large-span roofing in structural steel for special-purpose buildings, such as clinker storage and boiler support structures in concrete for power stations.

Hydrocarbon - Research & Development Centre

L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering’s R&D Centre located in Mumbai, symbolises our state-of-the art capabilities in the areas of advanced engineering, analysis and technology. It offers high-end technology support to the entire spectrum of our Hydrocarbon EPC business, covering the oil & gas sector (the entire Hydrocarbon value chain from Upstream to Mid & Downstream.

The R&D Centre carries out applied research in the areas of Chemical Engineering, Thermal Engineering, Water Technology, Material Science & Corrosion Engineering, Machinery & System Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

The advanced engineering capabilities of R&D are utilised over the entire lifecycle of a project, thus enabling the businesses to choose the right technology and product, optimize process / equipment design, solve product or process-related problems and achieve guaranteed performance of the plants.

Upstream Technology Centre

The Upstream Technology Centre identifies and develops technology for the upstream Oil and Gas sector. It is engaged in a continuing quest to engineer value and provides support in critical areas for all offshore structures - from fixed offshore platforms and modules to drilling rigs, floaters and subsea systems.

The Centre focuses on conceptual aspects, optimization, value engineering, advanced engineering solutions, failure analysis and troubleshooting. It undertakes specialized studies for offshore projects.

L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Centres

Engineering Centres, based at Faridabad, Mumbai, Vadodara, Bengaluru and Chennai, have been developed as Centres of Excellence in a particular segment, and together provide technical support for the comprehensive EPC services.

Our Engineering Centres integrate our in-house strength in engineering, fabrication, modularisation and construction to provide engineered solutions that are construction friendly, meeting the highest standards of quality and safety, and in line with international standards.

Unnati – Centre for Excellence

Spread across an area of more than 100,000 sq. ft., Unnati is the Automation Campus of the E&A business of L&T. It houses a fully equipped Systems Assembly area, separate Factory Acceptance Test (FAT- Systems Integration) area, a Technology Center for new technology research and design, Customer Service Centre for repair services, a Quality Assurance department, a number of conference rooms equipped with modern conferencing systems, and more.

There is a 24x7 Offshore Development Centre (ESS) with Green card certification from STPI (Software Technology Park of India), to cater to the needs of domestic and international customers. The manufacturing facility also houses an Application Centre for demonstration of its automation solutions to our customers.

The campus is highly eco-friendly and utilizes solar energy to the fullest for generation of power. A Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation System that generates 180 -200 units of energy on an average, has been installed and a solar water heating system takes care of the entire water requirements of the Campus Cafeteria. Forty stand-alone solar lights have been installed which provide sufficient light for the entire duration of the night. These have rendered the usage street lights, redundant. The facility ensures zero effluent discharge. Noise levels are checked regularly and are within the permissible limits, thereby ensuring a sound working environment for Unnati.

Defence & Aerospace – Technology 

Research and development is a prerequisite for technological innovation. At L&T Heavy Engineering, the Product & Technology Development Center (PTDC) is a dedicated group that develops and engineers highly advanced strategic systems. Employees work at the cutting edge of technology and sculpt state-of-the-art products & systems for the Defense & Aerospace sector. The applications for which we design and build systems are very demanding. They need to meet minimum form and weight constraints, have a large range of motion, high accuracy and high speed of response. They also need to have high reliability and ease of maintainability and serviceability. For more details about our product and technology development centres,click here.

Technology Alliances

Our Technology Alliances enable us to provide best-in-class services to our customers. These Alliances span diverse sectors, including Power, Hydrocarbon and Construction.

Our Technology Alliances enable us to provide best-in-class services to our customers. These Alliances span diverse sectors, including Power, Hydrocarbon and Construction.


A joint venture with GULF Interstate Engineering, Houston – offers engineering and consultancy services for onshore hydrocarbon pipeline projects and onshore oil & gas field development projects covering design and engineering services including feasibility studies, basic engineering, FEED, detailed engineering, project management services, procurement assistance and related services.

It also carries out engineering studies in specialised areas like seismic studies, river migration studies, upheaval buckling analysis, sand migration studies, etc., in addition to carrying out steady-state and transient / dynamic simulation for single / multiphase fluid transportation.

L&T Gulf

L&T Chiyoda

Our Joint Venture Engineering Company - L&T-Chiyoda Limited, with Chiyoda Corporation of Japan was established in 1994. With its engineering offices located in Vadodara & Mumbai. L&T - Chiyoda acts as a resource centre both for Chiyoda Corporation and L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering, offering engineering services in the Mid & Downstream Hydrocarbon business.

L&T Chiyoda


Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS), Japan has over five decades of experience in manufacturing supercritical boilers and turbine-generators and is a global leader with a world market share of 28 per cent for large turbine generators.

Its unrestricted, exclusive Technology Transfer Agreement enables L&T Power to design, manufacture, erect and commission supercritical boilers, turbine-generators (up to-1000 MW) and pulverisers.

L&T MHPS Boilers

L&T Sargent & Lundy

Sargent & Lundy provides complete consulting, engineering and project development services for all types of fossil fuel power generation and power delivery projects. Its record of accomplishments includes the design of close to 1000 power plants totaling over 122000 MW for clients worldwide.

Globally available and locally accessible, S&L has had an association spanning 25 years with L&T. The JV, L&T-S&L has a team of experienced engineers who deploy advanced technology to engineer customised solutions for power projects around the world.

L&T S&L Ltd.

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