At L&T, we believe that a holistic approach and responsible informed choices can lead to sustainable solutions. Our programmes to help combat climate change, drive energy efficiency and encourage renewable energy are aligned with the National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC), released by the Honourable Prime Minister’s Office, Government of India in 2008.

L&T has integrated environmental protection and conservation across all its operational activities. Through optimal use of energy, sourcing from renewables, reduction of GHG emission, waste minimisation and management, use of recycled material, adopting greener processes, we are ensuring that continue rejuvenating our planet while growing our business. This approach is being strengthened with our new Green Campus initiative.

We have set our targets towards carbon and water neutrality and we aim to achieve these targets by adopting a holistic approach by implementing:

  • Energy Efficiency measures for reducing emissions
  • Sourcing from Renewables to avoid emissions
  • Carbon offsets
  • Water efficiency measures to optimise consumption
  • Water reuse and recycling to reduce consumption
  • Water conservation to preserve natural water
  • Increasing share of renewable fuels

We foster a culture of responsibility through periodic awareness and trainings for our workforce and thereby embed environmental stewardship within our business. We reinforce the behavior by setting, monitoring and reviewing our environmental objectives and targets.

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