A 159-Year Old Banyan is Re-born

05 October 2014

Restoring monuments, rebuilding structures and refurbishing plant and equipment are all part of the day’s work at L&T. But the request that our team in Chennai received one morning was out of the ordinary - we were asked if we could give a new lease of life to a fallen tree.

Apparently, heavy rains had laid low a 159-year banyan at the campus of the Kilpauk Medical College in Chennai. Putting the wizened worthy back on its feet was no easy task even for the doctors at the medical college. They turned to L&T.  Our project team consulted an environmental specialist, drew up plans, and swung into action. A large pit was dug into which the massive tree, resucitated with expert horticultural assistance, was skilfuly transplanted.  Within 48 hours, the Banyan stood tall again. 

The project team reports that in the last few months, the banyan has even sprouted fresh leaves. The doctors at the Medical College applauded L&T’s efforts. And we in turn wished Kilpauk’s ‘senior citizen’ another splendid century.

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