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10 April 2019

L&T’s CSR team recently launched a unique app in association with the Deaf Enabled Foundation, the DEF-ISL -  an Indian Sign Language app. A unique app that combines visual, action & word.

The DEF-ISL app makes the learning of sign language easy, accessible and interesting. Packed with 5000+ easy-to-understand signs and phrases, in-built videos, illustrations, this easy-to-navigate app can be used both by adults and children who are deaf or hearing impaired. The customized mobile app is available for download on both iOs and Android platforms. DEF-ISL offers the opportunity for even those without hearing problems to learn sign language and thereby reach out to the deaf more easily. 

DEF is an organization of the deaf, for the deaf, by the deaf, that addresses issues of communication for the deaf and focuses on developing methods and resources to improve their connect with the society at large. They aim to make a lasting impact on the future of thousands of deaf or hard of hearing children and adults by providing them access to early identification, hearing technology and expertise to reach their full potential.

“India has the highest deaf population in the world numbering 18 million and only 0.25% of them presently have access to bilingual education where knowledge of sign language is primary and that of a local language,” said Mr. Hari Hara Kumar, General Secretary & Director, Board of DEF. “The DEF -ISL app that uniquely combines visual, action and word is the ultimate common language solution for learning sign language that will also help English communication skills. Without help from L&T, it would not have been possible for us to explore this unique initiative and bring it to life”.

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