Empowering Girls in STEM

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10 February 2023

February 11th is recognised as International Day of Women & Girls in Science, this day is an occasion both to celebrate women who have made a mark in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines and play critical roles in the STEM communities, as well as examine the significant gender gap that still exists in these disciplines across the world.

L&T’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion means we are focused on enabling young girls and women through better access to STEM education through our CSR activities too. 

The Engineering Futures programme was launched in 2019 to help children in underserved communities develop the skills and knowledge needed to navigate a technology-led world and motivate them to take up a career in STEM. The programme also seeks to help increase the children’s ability to be creative, innovative thinkers.

Through this initiative:

  • Girls are especially encouraged to participate in science contests and competitions at school level.
  • School management committees, comprising of parents, are motivated to give equal opportunities to girls to participate in the science fests and choose careers in STEM.
  • The ENGINEERING FUTURES –CrEAST (Creative Exploration and Advanced Skilling in Technology) PROGRAMME inspires young girls (and interested boys) from economically weaker communities to pursue STEM careers through a fun engaging curriculum that helps provide them equal employment opportunities.
  • Girls are given preference in enrolling for STEM courses such as Mapmaker, Web builder, Mera App and Nature sense.
  • Girls are trained in special technology skills - this year 132 girls have been trained in creating spatial data models using mobile phones, designing and build blogs and websites and the block-based approach used to develop mobile applications
  • Participants are trained in Soft Skills.

 53% of the students impacted by the Programme have been girls. As on date, the programme has reached 17341 girls across 171 government schools under the school-based STEM programme and 394 girls under the community-based STEM programme.


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