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15 November 2021

L&T’s focus on harnessing innovation and technology-driven solutions to address social needs was the spark that initiated our STEM Education Project ‘Engineering Futures’ -  the Project aims to create and expand opportunities for all children to access the kind of education that will enable them to navigate and lead in this technology-driven era.

L&T’s CSR teams are collaborating with NGOs, the American India Foundation (AIF), Navnirmiti Eduquality Foundation and Don Bosco Institute of Technology to implement the project.


Since 2019 the project has reached out to 103 Government schools across the country, tapping the potential of over 20,000 young minds of 6th, 7th and 8th classes to enable them to learn Science and Math in a practical way.


Strategies employed by the STEM project to counter the effects of COVID19 on education systems

During the pandemic, Whatsapp was used for regular monitoring and evaluation as well as for conducting online classes in Math, Science and Social Studies using learning videos. Assessments were made and shared using online Forms.



  • Teachers equipped to use technology and hands on teaching methodology.
  • Increased interest in students towards Math and Science.
  • Increased ownership from SMCs and schools towards the STEM initiative.
  • Sustainability of the Project through teachers training manuals and low-cost Science and Math kits.
  • L&Teers participate to impart real life application based learning.
  • Program aligned with STEM intervention of Government of India.


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