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31 March 2015

What does one do when faced with issues of abject poverty or social deprivation? If you are an L&Teer you address the issues by working closely with those affected.

Over the years, the concept of L&Teering has taken root across our locations with an exponential growth in terms of both the number of L&Teers as well as the activities they support. With more than 1,500 L&Teers currently registered on our corporate social initiatives (CSI) website, 13,000+ engagements conducted and 16,000+ man hours clocked, L&Teering has found a definite space in L&T’s organisational psyche.

L&T has a rich history of employee volunteering and community involvement. From teaching children at Municipal Schools to donating blood so that lives may be saved, running marathons for a cause to mobilizing funds for supporting various community initiatives, L&Teering is part of L&T’s way of life. L&Teers use their knowledge, skills, and talents to contribute to changing lives of people in the communities located around L&T campuses.

Besides the community work L&Teers also contribute to L&T’s philosophy of sustainable growth & development. L&T-ites work towards caring for the environment and L&Teers act as the messengers of the Company’s Green philosophy. Through tree plantation exercises, campaigns on energy conservation, recycling and other similar initiatives, L&Teers do their bit for environment.  

The success of Project Sankalp, a paper recycling initiative undertaken recently at L&T’s Powai Campus serves as a great example. Spearheaded by a team of 45 L&Teers, the project reused 15,880 kg of waste paper. These papers were recycled into 2,027 notebooks and distributed in 2013-14 to underprivileged students in schools supported by L&T.

Through expansion and diversifying their activities L&Teers are working towards a more equitable society!

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