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14 April 2016

L&T partners with the NGO Mentor Me India to help employees find opportunities for mentoring kids in the communities. L&T Mentors connect with underprivileged children as positive role models and help them find motivation.
Here’s what L&T-ites have to say about Mentoring…

“Simple stuff like encouraging a kid to be more regular at school or taking him/her to the national park or the museum can have a significant positive impact on the kid's outlook and confidence. Mentoring is a relatively effortless yet powerful way of giving back to the society and all it takes is a few hours every alternate weekend.” - Vinayan Mohandas, L&T Heavy Engineering

“Though our mentorship journey has only been about 3 months old, it has been a great experience with its share of highs and lows. From the first couple of sessions where getting him (mentee) to sit at one place was the only task at hand to the beautiful ‘Thank You’ cards we made for his mother and teachers on Women’s day. From talking about different professions to being a witness to his random acts of kindness. In addition to the opportunity to make a Big Difference to a kid’s life it also brings along benefits of being a good stress buster on your weekends and probably a way to tilt the scales of karma, in case you believe in it.” - Vinesh Kumar, L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering

“My primary intention of joining MMI was to do something beyond my daily work and contribute to the society. It gives me a sense of satisfaction that I am helping someone see the big picture, realise his true potential and achieve his goals. As a mentor, I am forced to consider my actions and experiences, learn from them, and share them. At the end of the day, it is so satisfying when my mentee’s parents thank me from the bottom of their heart for the improvement they see in the 'part of their heart'.” - Ravi Bhagwat, L&T Heavy Engineering

“Today, in India, we need people who can spare some time for others, especially, to underprivileged children. These children need love, care, attention and guidance. With proper guidance and love to children, tomorrow, we may see a beautiful world. This is what we all need to think of - spreading happiness to others and live a good and valuable life.” - Revathi Suresh, L&T Heavy Engineering

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