New OPD Block for Urban Health Centre in Delhi-NCR

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18 November 2021

New OPD Block for Urban Health Centre - a CSR initiative of L&T - MHI Power Boilers

L&T-MHI Power Boilers Pvt Ltd (LMB), has been executing CSR projects in the vicinity of its head office at Faridabad in the National Capital Region, workshop at Hazira in Gujarat and several project sites across India. Recently LMB constructed a state-of-the-art OPD block at the Urban Health Centre (UHC) at Faridabad’s Sector 21D. 

Health is an important aspect of the well-being of society, particularly in cosmopolitan centres where the cost of good quality medical service is exorbitantly high. LMB demonstrated its commitment towards providing quality healthcare to the community by constructing the OPD Block catering to the underprivileged population of the area. The new OPD Block consists of six consultation rooms, a pharmacy and a pantry with state-of-the-art medical facilities and public amenities. 

Nearly 1.5 lakh underprivileged migrant workers, will benefit from this OPD Block facility. Good quality infrastructure also boosts the morale of hospital staff who will be able to work efficiently and deliver their services to the people on sustainable basis. It is our belief that strengthening such health centres is essential for attainment of the stated goal of ‘Good Health for All’ and will go a long way in supporting the community.

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