The Sun Glows, Water Flows

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05 November 2014

Farmers around the country now have a choice when it comes to operating their pump sets. They can continue to use diesel… or they can turn to something much cheaper, greener - the sun.

L&T’s new solar water pumping system operates on solar photovoltaic panels. It is reliable and maintenance-free across the many months in India when ample sunlight is available.  All it needs is a shadow-free area for the panels.

Unveiled at India’s largest electrical and electronics exhibition - ELECRAMA 2014, the solar operated pump set was very well received. Over 150 installations are now operating around the country.

Special Features

  • No inverter required - DC motor connects directly to solar array
  • Rugged construction
  • Simple installation and maintenance
  • High reliability

The solar water pumping system is one of L&T’s many offerings that tap into the limitless energy of the sun. L&T also offers ‘D.VA’ – a solar lantern that is durable and emits brighter light.  Also, L&T is the industry leader in the country in setting up large solar PV based power plants.

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